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Rani Ki Vav (Queen’s Stepwell), Patan, Gujrat, India – 11th Century.

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Vamana Avatar is the 5th incarnation of the Dashavatara of Lord Vishnu. Vamana is the Brahmin avatar of the supreme Lord Vishnu and is the first Avatara where Lord Sri Maha Vishnu took complete human form though dwarf at the beginning. The uniqueness of this Avatara is that the Lord did not use any weapon. The only weapon he used was that of begging in front of King Bali in accordance to the Brahmanic (Brahmachari) form he had attained. The Lord did not kill the King Bali even though he was an Asura. He conquered him in a Vedic way with his intelligence. Unlike other Avataras, Vamana Avatara was a Sattvik Avatara. Lord had to resort to this strategy due to the promise he had made to his beloved devotee Prahlada not to kill any of his descendants. Astrologically Jupiter (Guru) is said to be the Paramatma Amsa of Vamana Avatara.

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